Our Story

Volt in South-Limburg

Volt Europe was founded in May 2019 by young Europeans in London who were disappointed with the Brexit result. Not long after, a local Volt party was founded in Maastricht. At first it was mainly carried by international students, expats and border workers. The language of communication within the party changed daily. Sometimes English, sometimes Dutch, Limburgish or German - and that diversity has remained!

Meanwhile, Volt Maastricht has grown into Volt Zuid-Limburg: a dynamic, diverse and energetic party of about three hundred volunteers. Almost every week, we meet with Volt parties on the other side of the border. Together with Volt Aachen, Volt Düren and Volt Liège, we continue to strive for true Euroregional politics. Local and European: that is Europe of the 21st century.

Maastricht europe

Maastricht: The beating heart of Europe

Maastricht is a dynamic city that breathes Europe. We are the connecting hub of the Euregion with inhabitants from all corners of the world against the backdrop of the rolling hill country and historic cityscape that reminds us how unique 'eus Mestreech' is. Not only our history is European. Our future is also 'Made in Europe'. 

Volt wants to be there for all Maastrichtians, regardless of their mother tongue, origin, orientation or lifestyle. For most people living in Maastricht, the challenges facing our city are crystal clear. Whether it concerns affordable housing, better public transport connections with the rest of the Netherlands and Europe or strengthening our unique cultural sector, Maastricht is in need of a radically new vision on the future. A modern vision that dares to look beyond borders. To Parkstad, to the Randstad, to Liège, Aachen, and the rest of Europe. The people of Maastricht are ready to look to the city of tomorrow, but are the old politicians ready for this?